Sexual Harassment is increasing rapidly across the world. Different local or global organizations are working to create awareness in this regard. Even then, it’s being more difficult day by day to get rid of such harassment. Considering this, China has invented a unique strategy to prevent sexual harassment.  

As per source, a Chinese agency has invented a device named ‘Anti Pervert Flame Thrower’ through which a flame of fire can be thrown to the person who is to take attempt for rape or for sexual harassment. Just pressing a button, an intense flame of fire will get emerged and it will directly burn the attacker’s organ. This flame thrower is able to burn the target up to maximum 50 cm away and its temperature would be 1800 degree Celsius.

In case of applying such flame thrower in this way, a fear will take place in offender’s mind permanently, as the manufacturing company of this device informed. Resultantly, if he is about to do such crime in future again, he must think for couple of time before execution. Besides, this device won’t cause anyone’s death, as it was informed.

But, according to Chinese police, usage of this device is totally illegal. Image collected.        

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