Number of cyber crimes is increasing rapidly. At least 40 thousand complaints have been launched in police stations in Dhaka only in 2017. Among these, 5 thousand 842 complaints have been done through ‘Hello City’ apps of police. Among all the complaints, most are of Facebook based crimes, as informed Cyber Crime and Cyber Security Unit source of Dhaka Metropolitan Police.

But, it’s really time-consuming to come up with solutions of each complaint and due to this, the rate to solve each issue is not something remarkable, as informed one of the DMP officials.

As per source, on an average, three to four complaints are usually launched everyday in 50 police stations across the Dhaka city. On the other hand, besides police stations, numbers of complaints are being submitted at the ‘Help Desk’ of Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and ICT Division.

As a result, there is no proper guideline regarding how these complaints will be figured out. Police are trying to solve these issues in their own way, as informed one of the concern officials. Aiming to give protection from cyber harassments, ICT Division also set up a ‘Help Desk’, besides police. Above 15000 complaints were launched at this desk in last two years.  

As most of the complaints are Facebook based, DMP informed Facebook authority regarding some issues. But, they didn’t respond to all. They just gave their feedback regarding 23 emails only, among 44 which were sent to them last year.

In case of reviewing the complaints, it is usually found that most of the crimes are done creating fake IDs and that’s the reason sometimes it is difficult to identify the actual criminals, as police stated. Image collected.        

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