‘Key’ to access any tech products refers to ‘password’. It is known to many of us that in case of applying difficult passwords, our online system or computers get more secured. But, most of the users usually always remain tensed regarding this ‘key’ whether anyone hacking this key, takes control over all of their important data or not. But, considering the risky conditions, it can be changed any time. In case of leakage of users’ bank or ATM password, their tension knows no bounds.

Many of the users change their passwords randomly to ensure the security or privacy of their devices. Some are quite comfortable with it and on the other hand, some forget their own passwords. So, many of the users follow different ways on their own to remember their passwords. As per a recent survey conducted on password issue, 21% users have been using same passwords since last 10 years. They never considered it necessary to change it. On the contrary, they depended more on the old passwords. On the other hand, 47% users have been using the same password since last 5 years.

Hacking passwords have been quite a usual issue nowadays along with the rapid technological development. So, aiming to enhancing security of password, 2-Step Security has been introduced in all means. It has made e-mail, lock in mobile sms and verification password more secured.

Way to Remember Difficult Passwords

Basically, it is not quite easy to remember difficult passwords. That’s why many of the users use simple passwords. Henceforth, the online security system gets compromised due to the application of these simple passwords. But, now the researchers have come to find out a solution of it.

According to the researchers, it would be possible to have solution of it, if users use some particular words in replace of difficult and unfamiliar characters. Besides, the researchers also explained how passwords can be made difficult through an easier way.

For this purpose, a familiar and simple word may be selected for password. Later, some characters of that particular word can be replaced with any key, like ‘1’ in replace of ‘i’ or ‘@’ in replace of ‘a’. Another way is to use many ‘spaces’ or to insert another character as users wish within the familiar word.       

Actually, it is easy to remember the password in case of creating a password with some changes in familiar words and so, it becomes quite difficult for the hackers to break the password. Image collected.  

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