For the first time in Bangladesh, CTO Tech Summit-2018 is going to be held on 11th and 12th May, Friday and Saturday. The first day inauguration program will be held at Dhanmondi club ltd, Dhanmondi Dhaka and the Second day program will be held at the auditorium of Daffodil International University ‘Milonayoton 71’ in Daffodil Tower, Dhaka. CTO Tech Summit-2018 has been organized by CTO Forum Bangladesh for all the technology concerned personnel of Bangladesh.

On this occasion, on Saturday, May 5, a press conference was organized at Dhanmondi Club ltd Dhaka. At the press conference, CTO Forum President Tapan Kanti Sarkar, General Secretary Dr. Ijazul Haque, Joint Secretary Md. Arfe Elahi Manik, Joint Secretary General Mr. Mohammad Ali, Executive Member Md. Nurul Islam Mazumdar,  Executive Member Md. Azim U. Haque, Fellow Member Gopal Chandra Guha Roy and the Coordinator Mr. Taher Ahmed Chowdhury of CTO Tech Summit-2018.

Current CTOs from different sectors across the country are to attend this two day long event, as it was informed in the press conference. Besides, country’s technology experts, government policy makers, researchers and students are also to participate in the event. IT usage in our country has been remarkably increased. IT usage has now become indispensable in almost every sector of our country and utilizing technology in business purpose for business development and enhancing skills and to operate the entire procedure competently, a CTO is always there for strict supervision. A CTO always has to get themselves used to in latest technologies, utilize the advantages of the cyber world and confront the challenges as well.

As technology is rapidly changing, so CTOs from different organizations need to develop their skills more through sharing their experiences among themselves and for this, a platform is quite essential. CTO Forum has been creating such platform successfully for long time. With that consequence, this tech summit has been organized. This time in the event, the CTOs are to discuss about how they can figure out the existing problems in IT sector including how to get more competent in IT with each other’s support and cooperation. Apart from these, different technological challenges in execution of government’s Vision-2021 project and its way outs are also to be focused on. The summit also aims to make the inter relationship among country’s CTOs stronger.

In the press conference, Tapan Kanti Sarkar said- For the first time, CTO Tech Summit is going to be held in the country and we are really glad for it. Considering the event, numbers of country’s prominent technology concerned personnel are going to get together that would play a significant role in our community development as I think. It is quite important to know how we can make successful usage of emerging technology which we are talking about currently. I think such event would be proved quite fruitful for the development of these matters. So, CTO Forum President called for all the concerned including CTOs to participate in this two day long summit.          

Total 8 seminars will be held in the two day long event and the workshops will be graced by the attendance of about 40 speakers form the local community.

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