A mobile app has been applied on trial basis to prevent child marriages in the country. The app will work in consolidation with the central server of national identity card. A Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Plan International Bangladesh is working on preventing child marriages merging with the Bangladesh Government. This NGO has developed the app. Basically, marriage registrar Imam or matchmakers will use the app.

Using the national ID number of bride and groom or their birth registration number or school leaving certificate number in the app, it can be found out instantly from the national database whether the bride and groom are legally adult enough for marriage or not.

Inspiring output has already been achieved using the app in Kurigram district, as the officials informed.

How The App Works

Deputy Country Director of Plan International Mr. Soumya Guho said- The app works very simply. Firstly, marriage registrars who register marriages will use the app. Secondly, the matchmakers. And thirdly, the Imams in regard of Muslim marriages or priests in Hindu marriages.

The app can be easily used in any mobile phones. If any number from national ID or birth certificate or school certificate is applied in the app for once, it will show the actual age of both bride and groom. In case of having approval of any marriage, any of these three documents is supposed to be verified. It is to be noted that according to the law in Bangladesh, minimum age for the girls to get married is 18 years, whereas for boys it is 21 years.

Soumya Guho said- This app is connected to the national database of Bangladesh. So, all the existing data available in this database will be displayed in the app. Sharing the experience of using the app in Kurigram on trial basis, he said- The app is really proved effective over there.

 So far, the app has already been used in around one lakh marriages to try to verify the ages, as Mr. Guho added. Among these marriages, at least 3 and a half thousand girls were below 18 years of age. So, it clearly indicates that the app is really working. Courtesy: BBC Bangla

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