We need to get more aware in confronting cyber threats. Then we can remain safe from this crisis, as said Co-founder of University Cyber Forum and Executive Member of CTO Forum Bangladesh Mr. Azim U Haque as chief guest in a seminar titled ‘Cyber Security: Threats, Vulnerabilities and Counter Measure’ taken place on the second day of ‘CTO Tech Summit-2018’. The two day long summit got organized for the first time in the country. He said- We usually commit several technological mistakes unknowingly. We, sometimes, download such software in our computers, laptops or mobile phones which cause some sorts of cyber threats for us. Hackers may hack all of our important data through such software.

Another 6 seminars were also taken place on the second and last day of CTO Tech Summit-2018. Each of the seminars consisted of different quite interesting discussions on technology.

While delivering speech, Azim U Haque mentioned several examples regarding how the hackers usually hack our important data. He said- Many of the users download free software, free movies or dramas from online. As a result, unknowingly the users get that software from an unknown website in their devices through which hackers can get the control over all the data of the users. Mr. Azim also presented a live demonstration regarding how the hacking of any user’s or company’s data can be prevented and this is how he tried to make all of the participants in the seminar understood about the importance of cyber security. Aiming to prevent hacking users’ data, we need to be more aware in regard of installing any software, as he added.    

He also said- One needs to a qualified hacker in order to be a good security expert. A hacker actually knows about all the flaws for which a site can get hacked. So, it can be said that one has to be a hacker first aiming to be a good security expert. He mentioned-One should not handover own smartphone or laptop to others, not even for short period. Within this short time, it is quite possible to hack all the data of the digital devices.  

Before the ending of the seminar, Mr. Azim U Haque answered all the questions asked by the participants.

Different seminars titled ‘e-Government Framework’, ‘Challenge of e-Commerce in Bangladesh’, ‘Digital Financial Innovation in Bangladesh’, ‘Disruptive Technologies in Payment System’ and ‘Security IT Solution in Banking’ were held on the last day of CTO Tech Summit. Around 40 local speakers took part in these seminars.  

Earlier on Friday, May 11, the two day long ‘CTO Tech Summit-2018’ got inaugurated at Dhanmondi Club Limited, Dhaka. In the inauguration ceremony, Honorable Secretary of ICT Division Mr. Subir Kishore Chowdhury was present as chief guest, whereas Advisor of Bangladesh Bank Mr. S K Sur Chowdhury, BASIS President Syed Almas Kabir, President of CTO Forum Bangladesh Mr. Tapan Kanti Sarkar and IT Manager of a2i Program of Prime Minister’s Office Mr. Arfe Elahi Manik were present as special guests.  

By the end of the inauguration ceremony, the respected ‘CTO Excellent Award-2018’ was provided to the Managing Director of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited Mr. Abul Kashem Shirin.

According to the organizers, IT usage has now become indispensable in almost every sector of our country and utilizing technology in business purpose for business development and enhancing skills and to operate the entire procedure competently, a CTO is always there for strict supervision. A CTO always has to get themselves used to in latest technologies, utilize the advantages of the cyber world and confront the challenges as well. As technology is rapidly changing, so CTOs from different organizations need to develop their skills more through sharing their experiences among themselves and for this, a platform is quite essential. CTO Forum has been creating such platform successfully for long time.

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