Powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is not to harm human beings directly, rather it will increase the difficulties of the human civilization, as the experts think.

As per a recent declaration of Russian AI manufacturing company, their AI will be able to identify the parts of any person, nation or caste accurately from the camera footage. It would be much easier for ethnic cleansing or to keep the minority people isolated through using such technology.

If AI of Ntechlab is able to differentiate people in ‘European and Asian’ categories in this manner, then Fascism must emerge. Undoubtedly it will be a huge hindrance in individual liberty.

China already started their surveillance using AI. This Russian AI may be exploited in future too for wiretapping purpose. Besides, if this AI is used in censor board, then each and every written document, song and even movies can be analyzed in a moment.

NTechlab already removed the news regarding their feature from their site. But, if this continues, then AI may be the closest one of an autocratic government. Image collected.

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