There is hardly anyone in this age of technology who doesn’t use smartphone. And in regard of getting a solution to smartphone charging problem, we have got a breakthrough way out. Smartphone can be charged in water without electricity. To make this happen, scientists have invented a small charging device which looks much like credit card. This charging device contains salted water that can produce electricity. So resultantly, smart phones can be charged like in power-bank.  

The device is fulfilled with salted water, as the scientists informed. They said- This water produces electricity through chemical reaction. The device also consists of a standard cable to charge phones. As a result, the phones can be charged very easily.

A company named ‘JAQ’ has developed this charging device. It has been named ‘Power Card’. This Power Card is able to produce power equivalent to 1800 milliampere hour battery. But, the device is capable of charging phone only for one time. It costs $1.5.

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