Post, Telecommunication and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar said- We aim to launch 5G service in Bangladesh in 2021. But, the minister also considered it a great challenge to introduce this latest technology coping up with country’s socio-economic condition.

Mustafa Jabbar shared this in the fourth annual ‘Huawei Asia-Pacific Innovation Day’ held at Bangkok in Thailand on June 6.

In the conference all the speakers focused on new innovations aiming to build up Digital Asia-Pacific region. Apart from this, an announcement was made regarding investing $81 million for Digital Ecosystem in South-East Asia.

The subject matter of the conference was ‘Innovation for Digital Asia-Pacific Region’. The program was organized by Huawei Technologies in association with the Ministry of Science and Information Technology, Thailand.

Total 300 government representatives and IT experts across the world took part in the conference. From Bangladesh, Post, Telecommunication and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar attended the program. Image collected.

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