Video platform YouTube has introduced new features. Among the news features, using ‘Premiers’, video makers can play the recorded videos as live telecast videos, as international media shared.  Chief Product Officer of YouTube Mr. Neil Mohan informed this recently, as it was said in the news. This announcement was made in ‘VidCon US 2018’ conference held on 20-23 June in California, USA.

In a blog post, he shared- YouTube has introduced a feature to play recorded video as live one. It will be available to all very soon. When video makers are to unveil any video with the name ‘Premier’, then it would create a landing page for all.   

‘There a chatting option will get included for those video viewers. Video makers can take part in chat with the viewers directly. At the beginning some specified subscribers are getting this opportunity.’

On the other hand, apart from Premiers, YouTube also introduced another feature named ‘Merchandized Integration' where makers can also display their own different ads of various products just below the video. Besides, aiming to expand business, a feature named ‘FameBit Integration’ has been included too.  

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