The balls which are being used in Russia world cup football matches are quite similar to the ball designed for 1970 football world cup. The Telstar 18 ball developed by Adidas has been designed after the Telstar Satellite.

It was the first artificial satellite ever developed for communication in the world. NASA in association with Bell Communication which is now currently familiar as AT & T has developed the satellite. The Telstar Satellite was first launched in 1962. The first ball ‘Adidas Telstar’ was designed after this satellite in 1970.

Adidas has applied a panel like Propeller in the ball used in Russia World Cup. The ball has been manufactured in such way that it doesn’t move to and fro in flying condition. The ball also contains NFC chip through which referees can easily get different information of the ball from the mobile app.

It’s quite symbolic that the ball has been named after the satellite. We have stepped in the world of communication where even the game ‘Football’ is not exceptional and this is what it indicates.

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