‘MRP Policy 2018’ and ‘Warranty Policy 2018’ on computer and computer accessories are going to be implemented from next August 22, 2018 across the country. So, considering consumer and businessmen rights protection, a press conference was organized at BCS Innovation Center, Dhanmondi on implementation of MRP and Warranty Policy development, where BCS (Bangladesh Computer Samity) President Engineer Subrata Sarkar said- We are not against the expo, rather expos are essential for products’ promotion. We would like to say that the discounts offered in expos should also be available in all the existing product outlets across the country. If it is so, consumers outside Dhaka will also get benefited, besides the consumers inside Dhaka city. It would be quite effective in ensuring consumer universality. No one is allowed to sell products with more than the fixed price. But, we can’t prevent anyone selling products with less than the fixed price or even we can’t fix the commission on which the retailers will sell their products. But, discount should have some limits. Otherwise, the market will get unstable. Besides the expos, discount should be offered in all the product outlets too, as said the BCS President.

In the press conference, speakers said- Tech product warranty is a vital issue. Removing the misunderstandings between the consumers and sellers in regard of computer and accessories business and ensuring after sales services, a Warranty Policy has been developed which is acceptable to all. Due to developing this policy, consumers are likely not to have any confusion regarding product warranty issues.  

Speakers also said- For the sake of interest of approved manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers in computer and computer accessories business, business development and consumers rights protection, MRP Policy 2018 has been developed. And, aiming to ensure after sales service, an acceptable and realistic Warranty Policy has been developed too for the consumers.

MRP and Warranty Policy will be preserved in every tech product sales center. These will be also available in BCS official website (www.bcs.org.bd) for the general people. Consumers can also set any MRP and Warranty related complaints to BCS in written format. Besides, they can also contact the Department of Consumer rights Protection regarding any issue.

Among others, BCS Vice-President Yusuf Ali Shamim, Secretary General Mosharrof Hossain Sumon, Treasurer Md. Zabedur Rahman Shahin, Director Md. Asab ullah Khan Jewel, Director Md. Mostafizur Rahman and different ICT journalists and BCS members were also present in the press conference.              

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