At the event ‘Cybercon 2018 and Technology Excellence Awards Awards’ organized by the ASSOCHAM at a city hotel in Kolkata, India on September 7,  State Minister for Information and Communication Technology of Bangladesh Zunaid Ahmed Palak  has said-we need to recognize the urgency of the issue, and start working together to take action. If we wish to build a safe and secure digital environment for all closer regional and international cooperation in the area of cyber security is essential.

Palak also sought co-operation from our neighboring countries like India, Nepal and others to fight cyber security issues as they go beyond boundaries. He also had a detailed discussion with West Bengal State IT Minister Bratya  Basu on how both the countries can work together in this regard.

He said Technology Excellence Awards will be presented at the event to recognize the pioneering individuals who have contributed significantly to breaking new ground in our technology landscape and I take this opportunity to congratulate the award winners. The last few years have seen an explosive growth in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). Bangladesh believes that cyber security is an enabler for the technologies that will provide opportunities for social development and economic progress. This will be achieved through a secure cyberspace governed by values of social responsibility and building consensus. We need cyber security initiatives to help improve regional cyber security cooperation.  

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