The existing mobile and laptop market in Bangladesh is now of around $150 crore, whereas the mobile phone market is currently of $118 crore which is quite higher than previous time. On the other hand, the laptop market is equivalent to $16 crore 50 lakh.

Many companies are developing manufacturing and assembling factories locally aiming to capture this $150 crore market, as informed International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC presented a report titled ‘Driving A Digital Bangladesh Through Hi-Tech Manufacturing’ in a press conference held at the conference room of Bangladesh Computer Council on September 6, where all the information were shared.

In the press conference, Post, Telecommunication and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar said- During the sales of computer accessories in the country at the very beginning, replica or non-branded desktops were used to be sold in most of the cases. Different accessories imported from abroad were sold over here. But now, the scenario is totally changed. Our government is now trying to reduce the rate of dependence on foreign countries.

Apart from the Minister, Global Chairman of BCG Dr. Hans-Paul Burkner, Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Investment Development Authority Mr. Kazi M Aminul Islam, ICT Secretary Zuena Aziz and many more were also present in the press conference.

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