Country’s one of the leading mobile phone operators Robi is now up to reduce paper-usage in their official activities. To implement this, they are going to introduce Digital Document Management System in their office.

According to Robi, it is a very vital initiative for modern, dynamic and digital companies.

This document management system will be able to store company’s important documents in digital system, as Robi Authority informed. They also said- Documents also can be recovered from online platform. It will save our time, effort and costs.

Chief Financial Officer of Robi Mr. Rony Tohmey, Chief Commercial Officer Prodeep Shrivastava, Head of Human Resources Division Md. Faisal Imtiaz Khan and Director and CEO of InfoFort Mr. M H Khasru inaugurated the document management system on September 22 at Robi’s Corporate Office in Gulshan, Dhaka. Image collected.  

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