Post, Telecommunication and ICT Minister Mustafa Jabbar said- The nation that couldn’t take part in any of the three industrial revolutions is leading today globally in digital industrial revolution as being a backward nation despite lagging behind for 324 years. Today, international community considers Bangladesh a potential country.

Technology will take human beings to an incredible stage. Aiming to confront technology’s future challenges, we have to build up our children suitable for digital age. Otherwise, the guardians will be responsible for this, as said Mustafa Jabbar in the unveiling ceremony of Commemorative Stamp, Souvenir Sheet and Inaugural Envelope on occasion of 100 years anniversary of Cubbing and Rovering held at Bangladesh Scout National Head Office on September 24.    

Among others, Chief National Commissioner of Bangladesh Scout, Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission Dr. Md. Mojammel Haque Khan, Director General of Bangladesh Post Directorate Sushanta Kumar Mondal and Executive Director of Bangladesh Scout Mr. Arshadul Mokaddis also delivered speeches in the program presided over the Vice-President of Bangladesh Scout Md. Habibul Alam. Image collected.

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