e-Commerce Assosiation of Bangladesh (e-Cab) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) withajkerdeal.com.

The agreement was singed at e-Cab office in city’s Dhanmondi area on Thursday (Oct 4).From its inception, e-Cab has been working firmly to move forward the e-Commerce sector of Bangladesh. With that goal, e-Post was introduced to assist the traditional delivery service companies of the country. e-Post is an online delivery service platform where digital delivery tracking, monitoring and autonomous supports are provided under the management of e-commerce businessmen and delivery service providers. In that continuation, Bangladesh Post Office is working with e-Cab to provide countrywide e-Commerce delivery under digital system.

With a goal to make the e-Post project activities more dynamic, ajkerdeal.com will provide 50 smarphones and e-Post, e-Commerce will provide product delivery service.e-Cab general secretary Abdul Wahed Tomal and ajkerdeal.com chief executive officer (CEO) AKM Fahim Mashrur were present at the accord signing ceremony.


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