It is to be informed that a P2G contract has been signed between Sonali Bank Ltd. and Tap’n Pay by today 08 October, 2018 Monday at 11.00 am in the Head-quarter of Sonali Bank Ltd. The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Sonali Bank Ltd.Mr. ObayedUllah Al Masud and the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) of Sonali Bank LtdMr. Subhash Chandra Das were present at the ceremony. Mr. Dr. Kamrul Ahsan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tap’n Payand Mr. Abul Hossain Emon, Head of Sales and Marketing of Tap’n Pay were also present there.

By this contract, customers will not have to visit branches of Sonali Bank Ltd. to seek the services thatSonali Bank Ltd. provides; from now on, customers will be able to receive the services from Tap’n Pay agent points or by operating Tap’n Paymobile application. 


Mohammad Aminul Islam Badal

Head of Brand

Tap n Pay



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