The performance of human brain is significantly reduced by the excessive use of smartphone, study revealed the findings again.


Thus, the underage users especially the adolescents are facing bullies in cyber spaces, led by their inclination to use various virtual platforms in smartphone.


The bullying even led to severe mental illness in many of the teens.


Psychologists expressed concerns and called upon the younger generation to become aware regarding their virtual life, marking World Mental Health Day 2018 which is being observed in Bangladesh like many other countries. 


A recent study says 90 percent social media users and gamers in Bangladesh are aged between 18 and 29.


Of them, especially who play online games, are usually fall victims of cyber bullying. It later may develop into permanent depressive disorder into the victims. As a long term outcome, it influences the agent to quit!


Such risks are reported high among the children in their puberty.


Limiting phone use is the foremost way to escape such ruination, advised health experts.

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