Amid mass criticism from media and journalists on Digital Security Act, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said there nothing to do now as the law had been passed in parliament.

The premier made the remarks while presiding over regular cabinet meeting on Monday (October 15).

The cabinet approved two draft laws on broadcasting and medial employees. The issue of Digital Security Act and some concerns raised by journalists were also discussed in the meeting.

According to sources, when the Digital Security Act issue was raised in the meeting, Prime Minister said the law has passed, what can be done now?

Law Minister and Information Minister then highlighted some concerns of Editors’ Council and their demand for amendment to the law.

Sheikh Hasina also said, “This law is much more draconian in England than Bangladesh. It has not been passed to harass anyone rather it enacts the government to take stern action against those who will try to harm society. The law should not be a barrier for truth seekers. It is only for those who intentionally take stance against government, country and the spirit of liberation war.”

The Information Minister also informed the Premier about Editors’ Council’s human chain, said sources.


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