Digital Security Act was enacted to prevent crimes as well as to protect people of digital society, said Information Minister Hasanul Haq Inu.


“There is no bar for media workers to collect information under this law. Under no circumstances, this law was formed against media. No media-related words were used here”, he said.


The minister made the remarks while exchanging his views with the representatives of ‘Rural Journalist Foundation (RJF)’ at his residence in city on Tuesday (Oct 16).


Reiterating that the law presents no bar for media professionals to collect information, he said “It is written in this law with special note: ‘Whatever is written in Digital Security Act,  the Right to Information Act takes precedence over it.’”


"No new crimes have been brought up in this act. Digital Security Act has been enacted to protect the country, economics, women, children, administration, and foreign relations,” Hasanul Haq Inu added.

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