To get rid of the hassles regarding transportation of goods, customers need not go to transport companies or truck stands now. They will come to know the whereabouts of their trucks by notifications. 

Monico Technologies Ltd has launched its website and app for transportation of goods through trucks.

Sakhawat Sobhan, director of Monico Technologies, said: “Monico Technologies has been working since 2009 to make technologies available for marginalized people.” started its journey in the beginning of 2018.

For example, a customer has to send goods from Dhaka to Chittagong, he or she needs to add a trip either to ‘ ‘or to the app, mentioning proposed fare of a truck, size of truck, amount of goods, category, unloading and uploading places.

With information posted, the notification will automatically go to the truck driver or the owner, who has the app launched. Afterwards, that truck driver or the owner will respond duly.

When all the due process is confirmed, the truck will reach its customer’s destination.

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