GrameenPhone, country’s largest telecommunication service provider, has started facilitating freelancers by creating opportunity to work.

In this regard, the operator has developed a new digital platform named 'Digital Ninja'.

The platform will start on Tuesday afternoon. State Minister for Labor and Employment Mujibul Haque will inaugurate it formally.

A top-level official of GrameenPhone said freelancer from different disciplines including Coder, UI, UX, App Developers will go for registration in the platform.

Registered freelancers will be able to be partner in various projects of GrameenPhone. It will thus create a new filed of earning and skill sources, said the official.

He also said freelancers will not be permanent employees, as they will come though projects. Freelancers generally do not want to get permanent jobs of any company. They will work in projects as per their wish. This could not be done earlier for various reasons, but now GrameenPhone is now going to this flexible model.

Many people, who work with human resources of the telecom sector, said it is good news for the freelancers, but this outsourcing model can create pressure on the permanent workers of the operator. Permanent employees might not get opportunity to work in these projects while a number of regular tasks might be brought under the outsourcing projects.

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