Mobile phone operators may lose their licenses finally if the quality of services is not properly maintained.

Postal, Telecommunication and Information Technology Minister Mustafa Jabbar said that if a company or organization fails to maintain the service quality within the due time and opportunity as per Quality of Service (QOS) policy of the telecommunication sector, then the company or organization does not need to have the license.

'We have created the Quality of Service Guideline. Meanwhile, a notice in this regard, has been served to the operators. We have the equipments. We will examine and fix it now. Operators will be fined if service is not standard. It's just a matter of time," the minister warned.

He also said: “Quality service must be maintained, there is no alternative option. We will take action, and can even cancel the license. In fact, if any operator fails to improve the quality of service throughout a long year, then what will we do with that operator?”

Mustafa Jabbar further said, the bandwidth usage increased by 300 gbps in the last three months. What does it mean? People are taking services vastly. Connectivity reached the union level. Will not people use the internet there? Of course they do. In this situation, the quality of service must be maintained.

Operator concerned can be fined by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regularity Commission (BTRC) if the service is not maintained as per declared standard under the guideline. A technical monitoring team of the regulatory body will work to ensure the quality. If the operators are proved guilty in this case, they can be fined.

Apart from mobile operators, ISP, WiMAX, BTCL (land-phone) will also have to comply with this QOS policy.

In the guideline, the minimum speed of downloading through 3G internet is 2mbps while 160 kbps is fixed for 2G internet. The minimum internet speed for 4G internet has already been fixed at 7 mbps while the minimum speed of broadband is 10 mbps.

As per the regulation, both the broadband internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile phone operators will have to provide service so that a website can be downloaded within 7 seconds.

In the guideline, all mobile phone operators have been directed to keep the call-drop rate within 2 per cent.

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