A couple of years ago, Mr. Estayeen Ahmed from Bangladesh was continuing his post-graduation in the Ulster University, UK. He then was working on developing a mobile application along with some of his friends as a part of his studies. The app was actually of digitizing the education system. Then he thought of working more broadly on this app.

The project of this app might get started from Bangladesh, as Estayeen thought. He then contacted some of his friends in Bangladesh regarding this issue and his friends also showed interest in it. Later, coming back to his country after completing studies, he started working on developing the app ‘iClass’ along with his three friends which started its journey officially in last August.

Students, teachers, guardians, board of directors in the institute-all can communicate with each other through iClass website or using its app. Even, the users can have class notes, results, attendance and fees related information through this app.

All the registered institutes will contain individual ID and Password, as Estayeen informed. He also said-Among them, dashboard of students, teachers, guardians, board of directors of an institute are different from each other. Dashboard has been basically organized as per individual requirements. That’s the reason their app can easily be used by anyone, as Estayeen stated.

Apart from Estayeen, other co-founders of iClass are Md. Arif Hossain, Md. Ashraful Haque and Md. Badshah Fahad. Among them, Md. Arif Hossain and Md. Badshah Fahad were working previously as freelancers. Md. Badshah Fahad also achieved BASIS Freelancer Award 2015. On other hand, Md. Ashraful Haque worked in an IT company. They started to develop iClass in last January.

Such imitative to develop this iClass app will help to remove the existing gap that has been created among the teachers and students in our country. Besides, guardians and board of directors of an institute have also been added to it.

Due to adding the guardians, they can have information about their children regularly through the app. On the other hand, to digitize the education system, an opportunity to add board of directors in the institute has also been introduced.

Such a feature will be introduced to this app so that board of directors of an institute can get the entire income-expense database of the institute through digital system, as the developers said. Besides, the app will also be made suitable even for outside the country and one of their teams is already working on it in UK.

Any interested educational institution can avail the service of this app through signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with iClass and paying a certain amount of fees. The app is now available in Google Play Store and Apple Store. 

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