A FINTECH startup company Crypto is providing high-tech professional software solutions and document archiving services to the telecoms, medical industries, banking, and financial industries. They are helping to reduce foreign dependence. In this era of cyber coup the development and success of banks and business organizations depends on the proper use of secure information, conservation, synthesis, and timely information.

Crypto limited has already begun working in the bank sectors to provide technology based services to help provide more productive use and security of valuable information to these organizations. In this continuation, an agreement was signed with the UAE-based Intellectual Technology Company & TechnoCit - two reputed solution integrators of U.A.E (Dubai) in a continental hotel at Dhaka to provide world class service from Bangladesh. Mr. Syed Tanjil Ahmed, Managing Director of Crypto limited signed this MoU.

With the help of local human resources and international standards, merit-based technology services have begun to offer commercial bank for electronic digital solutions, document digitalization and physical archiving services. Crypto Limited Chairman Ahsan Adelur Rahman (Adel) said- This initiative will help Bangladesh in this digital and cyber era by generating technology skilled manpower and creating employment opportunity in the country under IT enable Service.

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