As potato is one of the staple foods in Bangladesh, it has a vital role in the economy. Although potato cultivation is profitable, many are not interested in cultivating potatoes due to labor crisis. In a bid to solve the crisis, DMRE, an agro-based company, has come up with a planting machine – ‘Potato Planter’ for the farmers.

With this machine, the farmers can easily sow potato seeds on land. The device will help plant Potato seeds within a short time in an affordable way.

With 12 HP diesel engine, the power tiller machine is very helpful for an integrated potato cultivation. The tool helps prepare a bed to sow seeds and also to apply fertilizer for potato plantation.

In the conventional method, to prepare land for potato cultivation, it is necessary to develop bed by plowing lands, applying fertilizers and sowing seeds. On the other hand, the whole tasks can be done simultaneously through the planter. Thus, it saves both the money and time.

DMRE chief executive officer (CEO) GA Tutul said, "The households have become reluctant to go for agriculture day by day due to labor crunch. Now it is the time for potato plantation. So we brought the potato planter for farmers and it is affordable to buy the device. Farmers can easily cultivate potatoes by using the machine.

GA Tutul said that DMRE has been working for agriculture and farmers in the country. The company is importing the necessary equipment and selling those online and offline for modernization of agriculture in country. The prices of the machines are within the reach of farmers.

Earlier, the DMRI brought machines to farmers to cut and crush rice, maize and wheat at affordable rates.

Farmers in remote areas can purchase and receive the potato planter online from home. Interested persons need to visit Anyone can avail the device even after ordering through mobile phone. DMRE will let the farmers know how to use the device at free of cost after they purchase it.

As per DMRE, the potato planter will be sold at Tk 45,000.

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