Now, you can have yourself in place of world’s famous personalities with the help of Google Arts and Cultural App. A new feature has been included in the app recently for which the app has become more popular. You just click for once in your mobile and become popular within a moment.

As per source, after switching on the app, you will have an option to click selfie. Then you will have an image of any historical personality or prominent creator of any historical artistry resembled to your own face. You can share that image even in the social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Besides different popular personalities, you can also enjoy the facility to create your own images along with popular paintings. Resultantly, standing beside Adolf Hitler holding his hand or kiss Mona Lisa is just a single click away from you. But this is not first time. Previously, we also got such feature in different apps to create the portraits.

But, due to the accurate resemblance between the users’ face and edited images in Google Arts and Cultural App, it has easily gained huge popularity.

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