Terming online media a global reality, Information Minister Dr Hasan Mahmud said registration of online media will be done after the broadcast policy has passed. Many data about online media have already been collected. “After every 1-2 hours, I visit online. Many of the new generations do not read newspapers. Though becoming update through online media, I read newspaper. It’s my habit”, the minister was addressing the biennial conference of Chattogram Press Club at Bangabandhu Hall in the port city on Sunday (Jan 27). “Online media becomes essential in today's world. Many online in the country are releasing the news keeping accountability to the society and state. But some online have no accountability,” the minister added. In his speech as chief guest, Hasan Mahmud said, “I am trying to resolve the unresolved issues of journalists from the beginning of taking charge. The ninth wage board will be implemented as soon as possible through discussions with everyone. There was a wage board only for newspapers.” “Alongside televisions, there are many FM radios in the country. The number of listeners in some of FM radios is more than the number of television viewers. So, those will also be brought under the broadcasting policy”. Regarding the journalists and media’s freedom of expression, the information minister said “Every person is involved in the media. A cartoon seen by a child is the media. The truth will be published even against the minister or top officials of the country”. “But it would also have to be considered what would be the impact of the shocking scenario aired on television”, he added.

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