Obligation to the lowest 4G speed 20 mbps has been omitted from the policy. Firstly, 1 GBPS, then 100 mbps and lastly, after 20 mbps, the speed issue has been totally omitted from the policy.

In replace of clear references of minimum speed, now a related explanation has been included in the policy where it is clearly mentioned that minimum speed or definition will be according to International Telecommunications or ITU definition.

The date to change has been shown ‘January 10’ in documents, as the concerned informed. But, the operators got letter from BTRC regarding this issue last week, after submitting the application to participate in 4G License and Spectrum Auction.

On the other hand, BRC states-Despite not mentioning the speed issue in policy, the matter of 4G speed will be mentioned in the guideline of Quality of Services in future which they are working on. Therefore, it would be possible to ensure standard service for the subscribers through that guideline.

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