Huawei held the first Southeast Asia IP Club Carnival in Bangkok, Thailand. The two-days (On May 30–31,) event, with the theme "Rethink IP, Building the Engine for Digital Transformation," brought together approximately 400 IP Club members, industrial and academic experts, and IP technical professionals from Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh and Vietnam. These tech-savvy participants explored how to leverage innovative IP technologies in an effort to promote industrial upgrading and accelerate digital transformation across industries in Southeast Asia.

At this event, Huawei spokespersons also elaborated on the IP Club membership benefits for the Southeast Asia region for the first time. This move marked another milestone to build IP Club into a professional, open, trustworthy, and respectful IP technology communication platform.

At the IP Club carnival, Rohit Mehra, IDC's Vice President of Network Infrastructure, shared his insights into how the rise of emerging technologies such as AI, big data, and cloud created both opportunities and challenges for network construction. Mr. Mehra stated that the network is central to the secure, scalable, and efficient use of emerging applications, and that network transformation is urgent because traditional networks no longer keep pace with digital transformation. He also predicted that future intelligent networks would continue to evolve towards autonomous, self-driven automated ones.

Michael MacDonald, Chief Digital Officer and Executive Consultant at Huawei Southeast Asia, also revealed his outlook on how the IP industry would progress under the tidal wave of digital transformation. In addition, he shared Huawei's latest research and leading practices in the IP technology field. He said, `Huawei plays a pivotal role in industry fields such as Wi-Fi 6, AI Fabric, and SRv6, achieves market leadership and makes outstanding contributions to the industry due to continuous innovation and R&D investment. Huawei would continue to increase R&D investment and provide leading intelligent IP network solutions in order to build a next-generation intelligent connectivity base for the upcoming intelligent society.’

Dr. Osama Aboul-Magd, Chair of the IEEE 802.11ax (the sixth generation of Wi-Fi) task group, shared the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard evolution trends and Huawei's contribution to the Wi-Fi 6 standardization. He said: "Huawei has submitted 240 new proposals during 802.11ax standard development, accounting for 15% and ranking number one across all vendors".

Dr. Li Xing, Vice President of the Campus Network Domain, Huawei's Data Communications Product Line, then released the industry's first commercial Wi-Fi 6 – P7060DN. He commented: "Huawei leads the industry in commercial Wi-Fi 6 products verified by Tolly Group, an international authoritative test organization. According to Tolly, Huawei's commercial Wi-Fi 6 products achieved the highest performance among those tested."

In the future, Huawei's IP Domain will deliver more technologies and resources to better serve the Southeast Asia market. Through close collaboration, Huawei and its partners will provide more intelligent connections for enterprise customers. In addition, Huawei will continue to use the Digital Platform to integrate new ICT, helping customers to succeed in digital transformation and march towards a fully connected, intelligent world.

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