The leading technology and tech investment company eGeneration Ltd. has built a team of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) professionals supported by World Bank-financed LICT project of Bangladesh Computer Council under Information and Communication Technology Division and partnered with PMIS, University of Dhaka. A training and successful projects completion certificates giving ceremony was organized on Sunday at the Gulshan Head Office of eGeneration where a 30-member team of eGeneration were awarded certificates. The team, trained in advanced data science techniques by local and foreign trainers, has implemented real-time projects using various data warehousing, data modeling, data analytics and visualization. eGeneration is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh for disruptive technologies like data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital platform and Internet of Things (IoT).

Md. Rezaul Karim ndc, Project Director, LICT Project; Shameem Ahsan, Chairman, eGeneration and S.M Ashraful Islam, Executive Vice Chairman, eGeneration Limited handed out the certificates to the training graduates. A. K. Fayez Ullah, Data Science Advisor and Emran Abdullah, Head of Operations, eGeneration Limited were present among others.

Shameem Ahsan, Chairman, eGeneration said, "Partnering with ICT Division and World Bank we built a highly skilled data science and AI team in eGeneration. For the past six months the team has been working in Government, finance and banking, telecom, pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors. Data is now the new oil of this digital era. Just as how world’s biggest economies emerged basing on their oil reserves, many argue that data analytics and AI shall have the same effect in countries and organizations who learn to process data to generate broader insights. eGeneration’s objective is to support public and private organizations adopting business intelligence, data science and AI in their process and make their business sustainable and thriving competing with the global counterparts.”

SM Ahsraful Islam, Executive Vice Chairman, eGeneration Limited said, “eGeneration has been concurrently contributing in trainings since its inception in 2003. We are promoting any skill development that grow local entrepreneurship culture, capacity for global emerging technologies and outsourcing. Changes in new and emerging technologies present big opportunities and risks for business. This is why the need of training future leaders to navigate these opportunities and risks has never been greater. We are confident that the FTFL graduates will be inspired to take up meaningful careers and excel.”  

Md. Rezaul Karim ndc, Project Director, LICT Project said, “Lack of skilled-manpower is one of the major problems that keeps the ICT sector from flourishing while the LICT project has been working to create at least 34,000 skilled-manpower for the sector. Standard curriculum and best quality training have been designed for this program to develop the 4,000 youths as IT leaders and they would play an important role in flourishing the country’s IT sector. eGeneration has done a great job ensuring quality training is given, as expected during their evaluation before they won this project.”

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