Information State Minister Tarana Halim is about to take initiatives to make everyone to know about government’s rigid position against drugs and to drive promotions about the negative effects of drugs and punishment for drug-addiction. Aiming to keeping the young generation away from drugs, she wants to drive promotion in schools besides Face book. Even, the state minister also wants to convey a message to the drug addicted people in jails regarding its evil impacts, as Tarana Halim stated in a knowledge sharing discussion held between Information Ministry and Security and Service Department of the Home Ministry at the conference room of Information Ministry in the Secretariat on January 28, 2018.

She said-Drug addiction is rapidly rising in our country. Law enforcement forces are already working in this regard. Even, the Information Ministry also may play a significant role on this issue. Promotion against drugs and regarding the punishment for drug addiction should be driven officially. Then, all will be aware and remain refrained from having drugs.

Chief Information Officer Kamrun Nahar and other officials from the Department of Narcotics Control and the ministry were also present in the meeting.    

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