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Vodafone switches on 5G network in seven UK cities

July 03 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Vodafone has become the second UK mobile operator to turn on its 5G network, offering faster speeds and the opportunity for new services.

The network is going live in seven UK cities, including Cardiff, London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Making a success...

US meteorologists worried over 5G roll-out

June 27 2019 | TW News Correspondent


US forecasters have expressed concerns about 5G radio interference before, but now a group of scientific bodies has written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over the issue.

The joint letter, spotted by news site The Register, says the situation is "deeply concerning". It asks for an auction of radio sp...

Facebook boss admits 'mistake' in handling of Pelosi clip

June 27 2019 | TW News Correspondent

The firm was criticised for not taking down the altered clip which made Ms Pelosi appear incoherent. Mr Zuckerberg also addressed the firm's wider struggle with "deepfake" videos.READ MORE

Robots 'to replace up to 20 million factory jobs' by 2030

June 26 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Up to 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world could be replaced by robots by 2030, according to analysis firm Oxford Economics.

People displaced from those jobs are likely to find that...

Changi Airport: Drones disrupt flights in Singapore

June 25 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Unauthorised drone flying has prompted disruptions at Singapore's Changi Airport for the second time in a week.

The country's Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) said 18 flights had been delayed, and seven flights diverted due to drones and bad weather.


Is Facebook the future of money?

June 23 2019 | TW News Correspondent

That's just one of the big questions we seek to answer in this month's Tech Tent podcast, which is a special edition all about the Libra coalition and its impli...

Government error delays online pornography age-check scheme

June 22 2019 | TW News Correspondent

An age-check scheme designed to stop under-18s viewing pornographic websites has been delayed a second time.

The changes - which mean UK internet users may have to prove their age - were due to start on 15 July after already being delayed ...

Apple warns Trump that more China tariffs will help rivals

June 22 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Apple has joined a growing chorus of firms urging the Trump administration to drop a plan for more US tariffs on Chinese goods.

The US has said it may impose duties on $300bn (£236.1bn) worth of Chinese products if the two sides can't r...

Walmart uses AI cameras to spot thieves

June 22 2019 | TW News Correspondent

US supermarket giant Walmart has confirmed it uses image recognition cameras at checkouts to detect theft.

The cameras identify when items are put in a shopping bag without...