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Papua New Guinea to Shut Down Facebook !

May 30 2018 | TW News Correspondent

In Papua New Guinea, Facebook has been filled with pornographic images and fake news. So, the country is about to shut the popular social media down for one month, as their government informed officially.

According to the Administration of Papua New Guinea, this problem has been occurring since long time. Due to promoting such fake news in Facebook , turmoil spreads across the country very often. Even, sometim...

‘AI’-Another Weapon for Autocratic Government

May 29 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Powerful AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is not to harm human beings directly, rather it will increase the difficulties of the human civilization, as the experts think.

As per a recent declaration of Russian AI manufacturing company, their AI will be able to identify the parts of any person, nation or caste accurately from the camera footage. It...

Hillary Clinton Desires to be Facebook CEO !

May 28 2018 | Bony Hamza

After quitting her political career, Former Foreign Minister of United States of America (USA) Hillary Clinton expressed her desire to be Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the popular social media Facebook. Recently, she desired to take the responsibility of this giant social media.

Maura Healey, a member of the Democratic Party and the Attorney General of Massachusetts, USA, asked the former US Foreign Mi...

‘Re-share’ Option in Instagram

May 24 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Image and video sharing social media Instagram has introduced a new feature to re-share posts. In case of liking any pictures of Discovery, users can share it writing his or her own comment on it. Even, the friends also can get tagged. But, no posts can be re-shared except publi...

Yahoo Unveils Squirrel for Group Chat

May 10 2018 | TW News Correspondent

People are using apps to communicate with each other. Already, different instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger have gained much popularity. Now, another name is going to be included in the list of chatting apps. Yahoo recently unveiled a new group chatting application ‘Squirrel’.

Currently, the app has been unveiled on trial basis by Yahoo. Only the invited ones can get the opportuni...

Google to Verify Political Ad Providers’ Identity

May 07 2018 | TW News Correspondent

US search giant Google is going to introduce some changes in their advertising promotion policy, especially in case of political promotion. Search giant Google intends to verify the identity of the ad providers.

Google’s Senior Vice President Kent Walker inform...

Twitter Requests to Change Password

May 05 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Twitter requests its 330 million users to change their passwords. As per a blog post shared on May 3, due to getting bug affected, all the user’ passwords were getting stored as text in Twitter’s internal computer system. So, considering users’ safety, Twitter has requested so.


Apple Declares to Shut Down Router Business

April 30 2018 | TW News Correspondent

US tech giant Apple has declared to shut down their router business. Due to not getting expected success in router business, they are to quit this business. Apple made this declaration on April 26 in a statement.

So far, three different models of Apple router were available in the market which are AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule. They cost in between $99 to $299. As per the declaration mad...

Number of WhatsApp Business Users 30 Lakh

April 26 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Current number of WhatsApp Business users is 30 lakh by the first quarter of this year, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated in a discussion held on the statistics of this years’ first quarter. He also shared to create a business ecosystem in Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp within next five years.

WhatsApp Busi...