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Coronavirus: Amazon Builds Its Own Testing Lab for Staff

April 12 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Retail giant Amazon says it will build its own coronavirus testing lab to monitor the health of its staff.

Cases of Covid-19 have been reported at more than 50 Amazon facilities across the US. Some have involved multiple infected workers. The company said it had assemble...

Coronavirus: UK Broadband Data Caps Removed During Pandemic

March 31 2020 | TW News Correspondent

The UK’s main internet providers have agreed to remove data caps on fixed-line broadband during the coronavirus pandemic.

The move is part of a range of new measures agreed between telecoms companies and the government. Other commitments include “fairly and...

Coronavirus: YouTube Stars Urge Fans to Stay at Home

March 30 2020 | TW News Correspondent

More than 100 YouTube stars have recorded a video message urging their fans to "stay home" during the coronavirus outbreak.

The video is int...

Google Duo Now Supports Up to 12-Person Group Calls

March 29 2020 | TW News Correspondent

You can now use Duo to participate in video calls with up to 12 people, Google's Sanaz Ahari Lemelson announced.

It's the second increase for Duo since last year. Google first limited users to one-on-one video calls, and then it rolled out group-style support with an 8-person maximum capacity.

Google decided to roll out the larger...

Coronavirus: Online Child Abuse Warning During Lockdown

March 28 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Online child abusers are seeking to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, international law enforcement agency Europol has warned.

Europol said it had information that “strongly indicates increased online activity by those seeking child abuse material”. With schools closed and many working from home, children are more likely to be using the in...

Coronavirus: Minecraft Offers Free Lessons to Children

March 25 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Minecraft is making its educational worlds available free, to help pupils no longer able to attend school because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The 12 digital lessons will be available to download until the end of June. They include tours of the International Space Station and the inside of a human eye, which "can be played on your own, or with pare...

Coronavirus: Facebook Cuts Video Quality to Ease Net Strain

March 24 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Facebook is the latest platform to reduce its video quality in Europe, to reduce demand on internet service providers.

Demand for streaming has increased while large parts of Europe are self-isolating at...

Windows 10 Hits 1 Billion Users, Teases New UI

March 23 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Windows 10 just achieved a huge milestone: 1 billion users. It didn't earn a blog post, but Microsoft's Panos Panay shared a video that celebrates the milestone and offers a glimpse at the future of the operating system.

Microsoft kicks off the video with its classic boot screens and Start buttons. Once the nostalgia settles in,...

Apple Store Closures Block Customers Picking Up Repairs

March 22 2020 | TW News Correspondent

Apple closed its retail stores indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak, but it did alert customers to pick up their devices left for repair prior to the closures. Some customers just didn't appear to retrieve...