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Starlink will provide internet service in India for 300 rupees per month

September 30 2023 | TW News Correspondent

Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Company has been dominating India’s telecom industry for the last few years. This Jio Company has won the hearts of the co...

Meta announces the Quest 3 VR headset with Mixed Reality features

September 30 2023 | TW News Correspondent

Meta has introduced the Quest 3, its latest virtual reality headset, scheduled for shipment starting October 10th. With a price tag of $499, the Quest 3 presents an array of technical advancements, including a notable emphasis on "mixed reality" (MR) capabilities.

The Quest 3 is equipped with a dual 2064 x 2208 pixel display, an enhancement from the...

ChatGPT rolls out voice and image capabilities

September 27 2023 | TW News Correspondent

OpenAI has announced a new update to ChatGPT in which the popular AI chatbot will be able to give responses in the form of voice and images. In this latest update, the user can directly build a conversation with ChatGPT like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. 

Additionally, ChatGPT will get new image recognit...

OpenAI to release DALL-E 3, the latest version of their AI art generator

September 23 2023 | TW News Correspondent

OpenAI, the company behind the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, has recently announced the newest version of their AI art generator, DALL-E 3. As per the company, the third iteration of DALL-E can process more nuanced prompts than previous versions to provide more accurate and de...

Here's how the world's nations are regulating AI tools

September 19 2023 | TW News Correspondent

International governments are increasingly recognising the importance of regulating artificial intelligence (AI) to address the potential risks and ethical concerns associated with its rapid development. In response to the recent rise of AI technologies, countries are collaborating to create comprehensive legal frameworks that prioritize safety and privacy as topmos...

AI Fashion Design: How AI to make fashion designing more efficient

September 18 2023 | TW News Correspondent

Calvin Wong, a Professor in Fashion and textile studies, has recently developed a designer-led AI system called Interactive Design Assistant for Fashion (AiDA), which can use image-recognition technology to make fashion designs take less time to go from first sketches to final stages of production.

"Designers have their fabric prints, patterns, colo...

Two Bangladeshis named in Vogue Business 100 Innovators 2023

September 13 2023 | TW News Correspondent

Two Bangladeshis have been listed in the Vogue Business 100 Innovators for the year 2023. Mostafiz Uddin, the founder and CEO of Bangladesh Apparel Exchange (BAE), has been listed in the Vogue Business 100 Innovators for the year 2023. He earned this recognition under the category of 'Sustainability Thought Leaders,' as noted by the internationally renowned fashion magazine's annual list.

Another Banglad...

Bangladeshi-origin Rumman Chowdhury in TIME's Top 100 in AI

September 10 2023 | TW News Correspondent

Bangladeshi-origin data scientist Rumman Chowdhury, CEO and co-founder of Humane Intelligence has been listed in TIME100 Most Influential People in AI, a prestigious recognition that honours her significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.

With a career that intersects data science and social...

Google Pixel 8 will be unveiled on October 4

September 02 2023 | TW News Correspondent

Google’s next-generation Pixel series of smartphones and smartwatches have been speculated for a long time. Recently, the company ‘mistakenly’ revealed the design and color options of the upc...