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Google to Verify Political Ad Providers’ Identity

May 07 2018 | TW News Correspondent

US search giant Google is going to introduce some changes in their advertising promotion policy, especially in case of political promotion. Search giant Google intends to verify the identity of the ad providers.

Google’s Senior Vice President Kent Walker informed- Considering the election, some changes have been introduced in our policy in regard of ad promotions. More investmen...

Twitter Requests to Change Password

May 05 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Twitter requests its 330 million users to change their passwords. As per a blog post shared on May 3, due to getting bug affected, all the user’ passwords were getting stored as text in Twitter’s internal computer system. So, considering users’ safety, Twitter has requested so.

‘We really apologize for such un...

Apple Declares to Shut Down Router Business

April 30 2018 | TW News Correspondent

US tech giant Apple has declared to shut down their router business. Due to not getting expected success in router business, they are to quit this business. Apple made this declaration on A...

Number of WhatsApp Business Users 30 Lakh

April 26 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Current number of WhatsApp Business users is 30 lakh by the first quarter of this year, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated in a discussion held on the statistics of this years’ first quarter. He also shared to create a business ecosystem in Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp within next five years.

WhatsApp Business is still not introduced in most of the countries. Last January, it was u...

Interesting Facts about 'Password' !

April 26 2018 | Bony Hamza

‘Key’ to access any tech products refers to ‘password’. It is known to many of us that in case of applying difficult passwords, our online system or computers get more secured. But, most of the users usually always remain tensed regarding this ‘key’ whether anyone hacking this key, takes control over all of their important data or not. But...

Mobile Balance Recharge from Facebook !

April 23 2018 | Bony Hamza

You may need to remain outside for long due to job purpose. It’s very common that sometimes our mobile phones are out of balance. As a result, you can’t communicate in...

Device to Prevent Sexual Harassment

April 19 2018 | Bony Hamza

Sexual Harassment is increasing rapidly across the world. Different local or global organizations are working to create awareness in this regard. Even then, it’s being more difficult day by day to get rid of such harassment. Considering this, China ha...

Facebook's Bookmarks Menu Gets Changed

April 16 2018 | Bony Hamza

Facebook has updated its Bookmarks menu. Aiming to raise users’ control over the accounts, this social media giant has taken such initiative. Previously, to bring changes in different settings users used to access different pages like Account Settings, Privacy Shortcut, News Feed Preferences,...

Facebook May Get Fined up to $7.1 Trillion

April 10 2018 | Bony Hamza

The running week is quite important for Facebook. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has to be present at US Congress tomorrow. He has to give explanations regarding multipurpose problems of the social media. But, the company is likely to get into more troubles due to unauthorized handling...