Option to lock stolen phone soon: BTRC

January 22 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Mobile phone users in Bangladesh will soon be able to know if their phones have been imported through the legal channel.

The telecom regulator has already made an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number database of phones that have been legally imported.

Now, the Bangladesh Telecommunication and Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has taken an initiative to introduce short code ‘16002’.


Internet package not less than 7-day from Jan 27

January 16 2019 | TW News Correspondent

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is working on a move to close all the mobile internet data package services which are valid for less than a week.

The decision will come into effect from Jan 27.  

BTRC Acting Chairma...

VAT withdrawn against SIM replacement

January 15 2019 | TW News Correspondent

The government on Monday withdrew all value added taxes and supplementary duties imposed against every SIM card replacement through the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) service.

The Internal Resources Division of the Finance Ministry published a gazette notification exempting the MNP services from all taxes on several con...

Mobile data network restored

January 02 2019 | TW News Correspondent

2G, 3G and 4G internet connections for mobile phone were restored as the services had been suspended in several phases on the day (December 30, 2018) before the 11th national elections.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) directed the mobile operating companies to resum...

AL pledges 5G if elected again

December 19 2018 | TW News Correspondent

The Ruling Awami League vowed, in its election manifesto revealed on Tuesday (December 18), to launch 5G as well as cheapen internet price if they are voted to power.


Teletalk launches 4G in Dhaka

December 18 2018 | TW News Correspondent

The state-run mobile operator Teletalk commercially launched the fastest fourth generation (4G) mobile data service in major parts of Dhaka last evening.

The 4G network will cover the entire Dhaka city by December and will move to Chattogram within the next couple of weeks, said Teletalk sources.

The mobile operator had created much hype when they launched 3G in 20...

Khilgaon telephone users get ‘4721’ number series

December 11 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Subscribers of number series-725 under Khilgaon Telephone Exchange will be switched into 8-digit format under series-4721. 

The change will begin gradually from Dec 17.

Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) General Manager (P...

Be aware of ‘lottery’ trap over phone: BTCL

December 04 2018 | TW News Correspondent

A vested quarter across the country are attempting to cheat people by alluring them winning luxuries flats-apartment and car in a lottery through phone call.

Bangladesh Telecommunication Company Limited (BTCL) urged its users to be aware about the lottery trap through phone calls.

Mir Mohammad Morshed, general manager (Public Relation and Publication) of BTCL said: users from several area of...

Banglalink introducing new number series ‘014’

November 29 2018 | TW News Correspondent

Private cell phone operator Banglalink is going to launch a new number series '014' alongside the existing ‘019’ series.

The new number series will be inaugurated on Thursday (November 29) at Banglalink's head office 'Tigers Dane' in Dhaka, said the operator.

BTRC chairman Zahurul Haque is expected to be present as the chief guest. CEO of Banglalink Eric Ness and top offic...