Bangladeshi ICT products manufacturing and marketing brand Walton announced special discount on desktops, laptops and other computer items on the occasion of Victory Day. Customers will enjoy up to 40 percent discount on purchasing various IT products of Walton on December 16. Besides, up to 16 percent discount is available for all computer items on E-Plaza throughout the month of victory.

Furthermore, customers can exchange their old device of any brand to purchse a Walton brand laptop of desktop with 22 percent discount under the ongoing ‘Laptop Exchange Offer’. Even under this facility, customers can buy the new Walton device at three-month interest-free installment facility with only 30 percent down payment of the discounted price.

Liakat Ali, CEO of Walton Computer, said: customers, who would buy the WW176H7B and WK156H7B model design, simulation and gaming laptop of Waxjambu and Karonda series on December 16 will be given 40 percent discount. In addition, customers will get up to 16 percent discount on various IT products from any Walton Plaza, E-Plaza, distributor showroom, IT dealer and mobile dealer showroom.

Besides, up to 16 percent discount are given on all model of Walton laptops, desktops, monitors and computer accessories at its own online shop E-Plaza ( throughout the month of December.

Walton also awarding its laptop, computer and All-in-One PC users with SSD conducting a review contest at Walton Laptop User Community Facebook group.

According to Walton, they are now manufacturing and marketing different configuration’s 16 models of desktop of 7 series within the prices of Tk 26,990 and Tk 105,050. In addition, customers can buy Walton brand’s three models of All-in-One PC between Tk 46,950 and Tk 55,500. Walton has 21 models of laptop in different series, including Prelude, Passion, Tamarind, Keronda and Waxjambu  within the price range from Tk 23,550 to Tk 168,500.

Besides, Walton is also manufacturing different models of monitor, memory card, RAM, SSD drive, mouse, key board, pen drive, ear phone, Wifi router, USB cable, speaker, power supply unit, UPS etc.

Customers are getting after sales services for maximum 2 years on Walton laptop and 3 years on Walton desktop.

Moreover, students are getting interest-free installment facility for up to 12 months in buying any Walton laptop, desktop or monitor.


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