Winter is approaching, and the wedding season is about to begin. From the 'Gaye holud' ceremony to the wedding reception, every event will be joyous gatherings of relatives, friends, and loved ones. 

What if you could take professional photos with your smartphone to capture those precious moments? Global smartphone manufacturer vivo's professional portrait expert, vivo V29e, can make this happen and make the celebration even more special.

A new journey under a new light 
Equipped with a 3D lighting effect through its industry exclusive Smart Aura Light feature, the 15.6 millimeter vivo V29e can easily solve the problem of inadequate lighting. Set the Aura Light to a warm tone, and the beautiful moment of exchanging rings between the bride and the groom will be captured in all its true glory. 

This is because the smart Aura Light can recognise the color temperature in Kalvin and adjust for the best lighting through its precise calculation. You can also manually adjust from cool to a warm tone, giving you more flexibility and freedom. The camera with its software magic is so versatile that you can take bride and groom’s photos under a full moon in the night sky, and the vivo V29e camera would not miss a beat, thanks to its special “Super-Moon Mode''. 

Excellent Focus Even sashaying Vibrant Yellow Background

During a vibrant holud ceremony, everyone enjoys wearing matching yellow attire. In the midst of such bright colors, vivo V29e's 64-megapixel OIS Ultra Sensing camera with auto-focus lens will help your photos stand out. 

Even while taking selfies with your loved ones with turmeric on their faces, the 50-megapixel AF selfie camera of the smartphone will make those memories even sweeter. 

When taking portrait selfies, there's no need to worry about someone photobombing – the auto-focus lens will ensure fantastic selfies. With optical image stabilization, even during the playful smearing of turmeric, your pictures won't be blurry. Even in bright backgrounds, the 8-megapixel wide-angle camera will ensure everyone's expressions are vivid in group photos.

Light up the wedding venue with the latest fashion
Who needs to carry clunky and high-maintenance cameras around when you have a professional portrait expert neatly packaged into the 190-gram body of the vivo V29e? The magic of the V29e’s Smart Aura Light will spotlight every moment and produce stunning photos for you. Even in the midst of many responsibilities of the wedding ceremony, capture the sparkling jubilation of your parent’s eyes with the vivo V29e. 

With the manual setting of the Aura Light, there is no need to worry about lighting conditions. This amazing technology by vivo will be your personal lighting designer. So, you can adjust the light as needed as the V29e takes satisfactory photos, every single time! 

Keep Memories Safe

Thinking of collecting so many photos and videos as memories? With its 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, the smartphone can accommodate your entire collection. 

It comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 processor, which is mainly used for gaming, octa-core CPU. Along with that, the smartphone will run on the updated Funtouch OS 13 operating system. 
vivo V29e is available in Rose Gold and Forest Black colors. The slim bezel on both sides of the display is only 1.75 millimeters. Therefore, even in group photos, everyone's faces will look clean and neat with the 8-megapixel wide-angle camera.

vivo V29e's hot sale is ongoing in every authorized showroom of vivo and from the e-stotes. You can get this fantastic smartphone for only Tk 36,999.

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