Bangladesh is being prioritized to expand the market of Hitachi products and services. Among the Asian countries, market of our products and services has been expanded so broadly in Bangladesh in last couple of years that made us interested to give more concentration to this market. Bangladesh has progressed enough in ICT and the Bangladeshi market is currently a rapidly growing market. That’s the reason we give much importance to Bangladesh. Our position in Bangladesh is quite strong and we have the opportunities to do something much better in this country for which I paid my visit to Bangladesh, as said the Chief Guest and Managing Director of Hitachi Home Electronics Mr. Chen Teck Beng in a press conference organized by the distributor of Hitachi products in Bangladesh ‘Unique Business System Limited’ today, February 27, 2018 at a local hotel in Dhaka. In the press conference, honorable Managing Director of Unique Business System Mr. Abdul Hakim was also present as special guest, whereas General Manager of Hitachi Home Electronics Asia Private Limited Mr. Tarun Jain was the Guest of Honor. Besides, Director Operation of Unique Business System Habiba Nasrin Rita and General Manager Md. Zakir Hossain were also present.

Mr. Abdul Hakim Said-We are really glad that Chen Teck Beng has come to visit our local market. Hitachi already progressed enough in our local market. So, his visit will inspire us to expand the Hitachi market in our country.

Bangladesh is now on the way to get digitalized where digital or electronic products and services are much important, as said Habiba Nasrin in her speech. She said-We usually try hard to provide our best services. We want our people to get the opportunity of using international products or services like Hitachi. This journey of Mr. Chen Teck is basically a milestone to expand the Hitachi market in Bangladesh.

Tarun Jain said in his speech that-Asia is a big market for Hitachi products and services and in the Asian market, Bangladesh is progressing day by day. We are really happy with our partners’ performances. With their strong leadership, this market is going be expanded more in future as we believe.

In the keynote speech, Mr. Chen Teck Beng said-Hitachi Home Electronics is a popular brand in the world market. We use modern and updated technologies in manufacturing products and customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. We are going to provide our support and some necessary training sessions to Unique Business System to expand the market in Bangladesh. Hopefully they will be able to continue such efficiencies in future too.

During the press conference, Unique Business System also awarded some of their officials for their tremendous performances throughout the last year. Finally, the program was put to an end through the closing speech delivered by General Manager of Unique Business System Mr. Zakir Hossain. Among others, senior officials and employees of Unique Business System were also present in the press conference moderated by Assistant General Manager Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun Khan.

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