Recently Huawei South Asia, in collaboration with Thakral Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., hosted a seminar titled “Digital Transformation in Banking Sector” at the Huawei Bangladesh Academy to showcase the Huawei Enterprise Business Group (EBG) product portfolio, use cases, and success stories that have brought digital and intelligent solutions to the banking sector. 

Allen Liu, Managing Director, Enterprise Business Group EBG, Huawei South Asia; Sayeed Shameem Noor, Country Head, Finance Sector, EBG, Huawei South Asia, Zhang Cheng (Justin), Deputy CEO, EBG, Huawei South Asia and Reazul Islam, Head of Strategic Planning, Mohammad Harun Ur Rashed Khan, Vice President, Thakral Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. were present at the seminar. High and mid-level officials of more than 25 Bangladeshi Banks participated in the event.

At the event, Mr. Allen, Managing Director, EBG, Huawei South Asia and Rezaul Islam, Head of Strategic Planning, Thakral Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., delivered the welcome speech. Cjay Cheng, Solution Director, Asia Pacific Enterprise Finance Account Dept, Lin Guanrui, Technical Director, APAC Data Center Solutions, and Mirza Md Anjamul Bashed, Enterprise SR & Head, EBG, Huawei South Asia Network Solution, provided insights on various topics, including Digital Transformation in the Banking Industry, Data Storage and Backup, Anti-ransomware solutions, and Huawei IP Solutions. 

Mr. Allen, Managing Director, EBG, Huawei South Asia, said, “Huawei is globally transforming banking services with smart and intelligent solutions. We are committed to creating an enabling environment for our banking customers so that they can improve their efficiency of business operations and cost management. Transformation in the banking ecosystem will create the scope to focus more on service innovation and system development. To achieve our shared vision of a Smart Bangladesh, Huawei will continue to work closely with Bangladeshi banks for a smart future.” 

Rezaul Islam, Head of Strategic Planning, Thakral Information Systems Pvt. Ltd., said, “The impact of digital transformation is profound, and its effects ripple through every aspect of our lives. It opens doors to unparalleled opportunities. With future-oriented partners like Huawei, Thakral Information Systems aims to catalyze change for a Digital banking ecosystem in Bangladesh.”

Huawei is committed to working closely with banking customers to build a Smart Bangladesh. In continuation of its efforts to enable the country move towards smart Bangladesh goal. Huawei South Asia has been taking different initiatives and joining hands with industry stakeholders to expedite this transformation. 

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