Ride sharing service OBHAI Solutions Limited, popularly known as OBHAI, has added 650 CNG-rickshaws to its existing fleet in a move to strengthen its services. The CNG drivers and owners signed up their vehicles with OBHAI at its office in the capital. Of the 650 newly added CNG-auto-rickshaws, a significant number will be constantly on the move in the capital aiding OBHAI users in their commute. In addition, OBHAI is also providing attractive discounts for CNG rides which passengers can easily avail using promo codes. The CNG-drivers have been trained to operate smart-phones and use the app to get rides.

With different initiatives like training and orientation programmes for drivers, OBHAI is trying to ensure safety and availability for passengers in Dhaka. A concern of leading local conglomerate MGH Group, OBHAI is providing on demand motorbike, car, microbus and CNG-auto-rickshaw services in Dhaka and is planning to spread out to other big cities soon.

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