FIFA has organized ‘Fantasy Football League’ on World Cup occasion this year. The game is virtual, but the prizes are real. The winner in the league will be rewarded with a Korean car ‘Kia’. Besides, many other attractive prizes will also be available.

Anyone can take part in this game through FIFA website or mobile app. Game rule is very simple. User as Manager has to form his or her own football team. He or she has to form squad by selecting players as per wish and following a particular strategy. This team will compete with others automatically and among them, the strong teams will move forward.

In this way, changing players and formation again and again, one needs keep his team stronger. One has to qualify for Final beating all the contestants of the Fantasy League across the world. The Champion and Runners Up will get grand rewards.

Since there is no room for graphics at all, no special hardware is required for the game. This Fantasy League has been organized basically for additional enjoyment during World Cup Football.  

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