Smart Technologies (BD) Limited has launched Microlab’s Lighthouse Portable Bluetooth Speaker in the local market. The speaker with 4.2 bluetooth technology is featured with 3 wt electric output power. Its frequency is 180 Hz to 20 KHz and its signal noise ratio is above 70 DB. This portable multifunctional speaker also contains 5000 milliampere battery. The speaker can run up to 10 hours without any interruption once it is charged only for 2 hours. Due to having USB port, users can listen music through the speaker using pendrive. Users can also decorate their rooms by contrasting the lights through the speaker designed after lamp. Besides, they can also listen music through the speaker in different modes along with different lightings. Retailing price of this water resistant speaker filled with aesthetics is BDT 5500.
For details, please contact @ 01799986835.  

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