With the slogan `Get skilled, life will change’ (দক্ষ হোন জীবন পাল্টে যাবে), the worldwide prominent IT training company Aptech International and ADN Eduservices Limited are working on creating skilled manpower in the IT sector of Bangladesh, as Managing Director of ADN Eduservices Tapan Kanti Sarkar stated in the press conference organized jointly by ADN Eduservices and Aptech Bangladesh and held on today, July 5, 2018 at the BASIS Auditorium. Senior Manager of Aptech International Mr. Somsuvra Baksi and journalists from different esteemed media were also present in the press conference.      

In the welcome speech, Tapan Kanti Sarkar said-Currently, technology application has become indispensable in every sector of Digital Bangladesh. Today technology application is must for business development as well as for skill enhancement. Bangladesh is a country of huge potentials. As per recently published BBS (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics) Manpower Survey Report of 2016-17 fiscal year, number of total workforce in the country is 100 million 91 lakh. Among them, 60 million 8 lakh are engaged in jobs. Rest 40 million 82 lakh 80 thousand are capable, but unemployed. This figure of unemployed people consists of educated, less-educated and uneducated males and females.

If this huge workforce is transformed into skilled manpower through effective education system (as per industry demands), then as per the announcement of current government, Bangladesh will be able to become middle-income country by 2021 and developed country by 2041. The major reason behind the limited success of our IT industry is the intense scarcity of skilled manpower. We have plenty of programmers. But, there is hardly anyone to get into the depth. Skilled System Analysts or Project Managers are insufficient to fulfill our demands. Due to the lacking of skills, we can’t accomplish many tasks properly. As a result, foreign companies are entering our local market along with their software and services. You all know that cyber security is currently a major issue in our country. The more we progress in IT sector, the more risks of threats arise. We have to create skilled technology experts to get rid of this crisis.     

As per a research report of Bangladesh Economic Association in 2012, every year around 22 lakh people step into the labor market. But, around 7 lakh get employed. The rest remains jobless. Even, the graduates and post-graduates also belong to this jobless group. The number of these 15 lakh jobless workforce is increasing every year. If this huge workforce are made technically skilled to become freelancers or entrepreneurs rather than running after jobs, then this workforce will be able to contribute a lot in our economic development.  

Senior Manager of Aptech International Mr. Somsuvra Baksi said- Aptech International has been working on creating skilled manpower in above 40 countries since last 31 years. Training methodology of Aptech is highly appreciated across the world. Aiming to create skilled manpower in software, hardware and networking, Arena Multimedia and English Learning, we have initiated our activities in Bangladesh utilizing Aptech’s such experience. Getting admitted in different courses offered by Aptech, youth will be able to enhance their skills and prove it in the global market besides in the local ones. We are continuously working as per Franchise model to spread the Aptech activities across the country. All the training institutes interested in our activities can contribute in creating skilled manpower getting merged with us.    

Chief Digital Business & Marketing Officer of ADN Group Mr. Rullah Raihan Alhusain and Head of Business in ADN Eduservices Limited Mr. Nurul Alom Sohel were also present in the program. At the end of the program, speakers answered all the questions asked by the journalists.

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