Despite the release of the popular battle royal game ‘FORTNITE’ for Android versions, it won’t be available in Google Play Store. Downloading the APK file of the game directly from the site of the developer Epic Games, it has to be installed in handsets. As a result, Google won’t get any share from the game’s In App Purchase.

The game already has earned $18 crore in IOS, among which Apple has got a share equivalent to $5 Crore 40 lakh. If the game was released through Google Play Store, then Google would have got above $5 crore.

Google use to get 30% share from In App Purchase for each game and app. It means that Google gets 30 cents for per dollar In App Purchase.

Currently, the FORTNITE game can be played in few devices on temporary basis. Very Soon more devices will get enabled to support the game, as informed Epic Games.    

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