Photo-sharing giant Instagram founders Kevin Sistrom and Mike Krieger announced to resign their jobs. Kevin Sistrom has been serving as Chief Executive in Instagram. Regarding their resignation, he said- Due to our curiosity and in search of creativity, we have taken the decision to depart.

In the year 2012, social media giant Facebook took over Instagram for $1 billion. Current user of the platform is above 1000 million.

As per different media source, due to Instagram’s uprising popularity in recent time, Facebook ‘s some product businesses got hampered. Besides, aiming to get more financial profit from the users, Facebook Authority keeps adding new different features in Instagram which is contrary to the main focus of the app.

Kevin Sistrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in 2010. During their education period in Stanford University, they got introduced to each other. Despite the app got taken over by Facebook, they engaged themselves in Instagram.

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