You may have known the name of Asia’s richest person, Mr. Jack Ma from China. He is the founder and chairman of the world’s one of the prominent and largest company Currently, his total assets are equivalent to $3,830. His real name is Ma Yun and was born on September 10, 1964 in Gigiang of China. Let’s take a glance on some remarkable incidents he witnessed in his life.

Got ‘1’ in Math Test

Most probably Jack Ma knows the most what failure means to. Once he delivered a precious speech addressing to the young entrepreneurs in a program ‘An Evening with Jack Ma’ held in Hong Kong on February 2, 2015. There he said- I didn’t hold any of the qualifications which our current generation does. People often used to say ‘What are your skilled at? You never learned neither Accounting nor Management. Even, you know nothing much about computer. How can you run a business?’ Everyone knows that I got only ‘1’ in Mathematics in university admission test. I appeared three times in admission test, but got rejected each time. Finally, I got admitted in a not so well-known university named Hangzhou Normal University which was then used to be considered a fourth grade university.

Master in Fights

Very often Jack Ma got into clash with his class mates. He used to clash with others as he was quite slim. He never hesitated to fight with anyone stronger than he was, as it was mentioned in the book ‘Alibaba’.

Collection of Crickets          

Hobbies vary from person to person. Since his childhood, Jack Ma was fond of collecting crickets. He was addicted to collect crickets and was also fond of creating clash among all the crickets. He was so expert about the crickets that he could easily mention the size of a cricket just listening their sounds.

‘Jack’, Named by a Tourist Friend

Jack known as Ma Yun used to offer the tourists to roam in his own city Hangzhou. Then he built up a friendly relation with one of the tourists who named him ‘Jack’.

Failed in College Admission Test

After much struggle, he somehow passed his high-school life. But, he faced much difficulty while trying to get admission in colleges for higher education. He got rejected for twice. But, at the third time, he somehow got himself admitted in Hangzhou Teachers’ University.

Failure in Jobs

Despite completing graduation in 1988, he failed in around 30 exam tests for jobs. He got rejected wherever he tried for jobs. When Fast Food Chain KFC was opened for the first time in China, 24 candidates applied over there for jobs and Jack Ma was one of them. 23 among those 24 candidates got the job, but only Jack Ma was rejected. But, he got a job as English Teacher in a local university.

Rejection in Harvard

I tried to get admitted in Harvard University, USA for 10 times. But, each time I was rejected, said Jack Ma in World Economic Forum in 2016 . 

Interest in Learning Something New

During travelling in USA, he got introduced to internet for the first time. Before that he started a business related to translation services. In the year 1995, he went to USA for business purposes. Then, coming back to his country, he paid his attention in internet based business.

First Project Failed

After coming back from USA, Jack founded a new company. But, it also went in vain. He initiated a directory of different Chinese companies in internet with the name ‘China Pages’. Despite the failure of China Pages, he never gave up. After four years, he started ‘Alibaba’.

Executive Chairman from CEO

After establishing Alibaba successfully, he quit the designation ‘Chief Executive Officer (CEO)’ of the company in 2013. After that he has been serving the company as Executive Chairman.

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